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experience for all your online visitors.

Conversion Rate

Convert shoppers into buyers with Magnet Beauty’s live online chat complemented by our network of professional beauty experts. Brands using Magnet Beauty experience a 4-6x lift in consumer engagement and conversion.

Brand Loyalty

Create lasting customer relationships and drive repeat business by providing a completely personalized customer experience through live chat powered by Magnet Beauty. Studies show customers prefer live chat over other communication channels.

Online Revenue

Drive more revenue with Magnet Beauty’s revolutionary online chat model. Website visitors are more likely to make a purchase when talking to a beauty expert. Not only that, the average order value increased by more than 10%.

Fully Managed Operations

Lower operational costs by more than 40% and shorten your time to market. With just a few lines of code and Magnet Beauty’s network of certified beauty professionals your brand will be operational in less than a couple weeks. 

Professional Beauty Experts


We have a diverse group of BeautyPros to answer every range of question​


Magnet BeautyPros are licensed MUA, certified cosmetologists and estheticians​


BeautyPros have experience in the beauty industry and are trained product experts​


BeautyPros have a passion for makeup, skincare, hair care and everything beauty​

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About Magnet Beauty

Magnet Beauty is revolutionizing live sales chat. When you walk into a retail store, you expect someone to be available when you need help. Why should it be any different online? Through Magnet Beauty’s crowdsourced economy of scale model, we have made live chat possible for every cosmetic brand’s website. Give your customers the information they want, when they want it. Certified BeautyPros, managed, monitored, staffed and trained by Magnet Beauty, provide live sales chat for your brand.